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"Everything starts from sketch."


Husband | Father | Artist | Modern Abolitionist

Gilbert "giLRiLLa" Acevedo III was born in Hawthorne Ca. At a young age he relished the cultural diversity, embraced life's adversity, and bathed in creativity to cultivate and develop his artistic style and repertoire for the greater good.

giLRiLLa's love affair with pen and paper started the extent that - when told to go to his room, he would gladly go and find a pad of paper & pen and unleash his ideas,  one page & one sketch at a time. He owes his dedication to drawing and conceptualizing to his mother - Alicia - who always knew when to send him to his room. "My hustle spirit is a concoction of my mothers no quit and fight for what & who you love lifestyle, and my fathers never-back down mindset."

His love for music comes from his dad. His fondest memories as a child are immersed with car rides with his father, Gilbert Jr,  and listening to and singing oldies of the 50', 60's, and 70's. "My father bought me my first guitar from a pawn shop, and I never looked back. My father is a man of few words, but he always took action on any potential he saw in me...and coming from a family that has had its fair share of financial difficulties and struggles, my dad always found a way to get me whatever I needed. My dad is also the hardest working man I have ever known...he's where I get my "grind" mentality from. He is also a musician and artist as well. My faith, drive, and work ethic came from my dad."   

"Everything starts from sketch...everything has a starting point...and its usually never the final thought, piece, or product. getting started is the hardest part...EVERYTHING STARTS FROM SKETCH!"
In 2011 he went on a trip to Cambodia to learn from and assist a local non-profit (Agape International) and was convicted by the truth and reality that art can change lives and literally save lives. So in November 2011 Gilbert founded and created Modern Abolition: 
"An inter-fusion of life, art & style - Modern Abolition is a lifestyle brand that uses art and creativity to Inform, Inspire, and Change the world. Our mission is to help remedy depravities in America and around the world - creating awareness, cultivating change, inspiring creativity, and providing financial support to organizations that give help, hope, healing, and health to those in need."  

But never satisfied with the potential of "what could be", what inspiration and change could occur, giLRiLLa wanted to do something that was scarier. "I want to leave this world empty...I don't want to hold on to any bit of creativity, opportunity, or art I have in me...I want to leave it all on the field!" 

It's that perspective on life that has ignited this new outlet - It is here where Gilbert's passions and gifts can fully be utilized and expanded to greater horizons.  

Artist, Designer, Speaker, Teacher, Singer\Song Writer, Innovator, Motivator, and Creative; are a few pieces of his "Bat-Belt". 

Gilbert's desire is that others become inspired to tap into their inner- creative and use it for the greater good.
"With Art & Creativity there is no language barrier...You can embrace your fears and slay giants!" 

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