(Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: How do I purchase original artwork?
A: Here at the store or by contacting my manager via the contact page: Contact giLRiLLa 

Q: Where can I pick up some of your art, apparel, and accessories?
A: The best place is my online store here.

Q: Do you do commissioned paintings?
A: Yes, BUT, on selective occasions. When I take on commissions, ensure that I have creative control, so the outcome of the inquired work is consistent with my style and creativity.

Q: Will you draw a custom tattoo design for me?
A: First and foremost its an honor! I would love to, but it all depends on time. Contact me your request. Please feel free to use any of my artwork on this website to get tattooed on you. Send some pix!

Q: Who did your tattoos?
A: Nick Hayes Woodward , 3rd Street Tattoos, Hermosa Beach, Ca.

Q: Will you design my album cover for my band? Or T-shirt’s? 
A: It all depends on the project and my schedule.  Hit me up - let’s chat vato! My non-profit prints Apparel, accessories & lifestyle products - inquire your needs at


Q: I'm an artist just starting out - Any advice on how I can improve my drawing and painting skills?
A: The best thing you could do at this stage is really refine your drawing and layout skills. Set up still lifes to draw so you can learn light and shadow. Draw from a model or photos of people to get all your perspectives down. Once you have a good drawing base and good concepts, the painting will follow. I always found studying the old masters like Rembrant and da Vinci was helpful and still is. Look into Art History and the way they painted before even looking to what is going on these days. It is far better to learn from the past and work forwards.

Q: What mediums do you use?
A: I use Acrylics, Watercolor, spray-paint, markers, colored pencils, ink pens, etc...Coffee and dirt are fun too...just not mixed together...But some of my projects involve wood, canvas, and other materials...thats the fun part!

Q: What kind of brushes do you use?
A: Liquitex are the main ones, but garage sale brushes, and brushes from my kids paint sets do the trick... :) But honestly it depends on the job, and Liquitex are some of my faves.

Q: What or who inspires you?
A: Creation inspires me. Animals, Reptiles, the ocean, cloud-scapes, landscapes, city-scapes, plants, Rock n' Roll, Dr. Seuss, Tim Burton,Salvador Dali, Michael Gagne, Walt Disney, Johnny Cash, Bob Ross, Justin Bua, Greg "Craola" Simkins, Camer-1, Ren & Stimpy, Nickelodeon,  Pixar and writers and authors: C.S. Lewis, Milke Yakaneli, movies with Character development, real peoples stories…I believe inspiration is everywhere, and it comes from God. Are you ready to be inspired is the question...then when you come in contact with it, what are you gonna do with it??

Q: I love to create but I'm not sure if I have what it takes to make a career out of it. How do you make it work? Any advice?
A: I allow it to be a part of everything I do. Its how I see, interpret, communicate...etc. I also believe that if its in you and you value you it so much, you will always make it a priority to find time to create...we make time for what we value. The other-side of the coin is, you have to ask yourself if it's a career in creativity you want (IE making a living off of art/ design, fashion, etc) or a hobby that you make time for and potentially get paid for, but have another stream that is your main income. It's all about what you want it to be. But be honest with yourself and map it out.   

Q: What kind of music to you listen to?
A: All kinds. Some of my favorites are: Social Distortion, The OC Supertones, Tim Armstrong, The Ramones, Dropkick Murphy's, Hillsong United, Mosaic, The Black Keys, 50's - 60's - 70's Rock N' Roll, RJD2, Old School Hip Hop, Blue Grass, Johnny Cash, just to name a few...My playlists are updated frequently, depending on the inspiration I seek or recieve per project, but I do have my go - to's. Finding Inspiration is work too...sometimes you have to seek it to find it, and use it once you recieve it.   

Q: Some of your art is "different", do you take drugs to come up with the ideas for your art?
A: Nada homie! – this amigo is drug free.

Q: How long does it take for you to create a piece?
A:  It’s hard to say really. Gauging that is on a contextual basis, each one has it’s own characteristics and time frame, and use of materials to complete. Hit me up for your request and we can chat about it.

Q: Where did you get your name “giLRiLLa”?
A:  With a group of friends one night, threw it out as a joke, and it stuck...

Q: What role does your Christian faith play in your artwork?
A: Well, its kinda like this: It's my all-around worldview that is expressed and lived out in my life. What I mean is, I don’t believe that my creative works have to be limited to just Bible stories, Crosses, and Rainbows and stuff, but rather its how I see people, love  people, and live with people. I believe we were created by God, and God created everything. So when I am creating, I am tapping into that God. And like God, I want to love, inspire, and serve others through creativity. So, to bookend it, I believe that my artwork is a way I worship God, have intimacy with God, and communicate with God and to others what God has given me. Because every act of creation involves bringing something into existence that wasn't there before. Think about it for a sec... like when the paints/inks, and the brushes, and a blank canvas become more than we could ever imagine or predicted...or like when a chef makes that perfect omelet, or the woodworker makes a table/chair/etc...or when you where a kid, and you jumped in the mud or snow and created a snow angel...You see, we are created images of God; my duty as a creative is to image the original. Through my artwork, my hope is that you get a taste of who God really is. 

To better understand where I am coming from check out the writings, blogs, podcasts and websites of Lee StrobelC.S. Lewis, Mike Yaconelli Alistair Begg, Erwin Macmanus , Jordan Raynor, etc. But even before all of those, peep out the Bible! I love the English Standard Version (ESV), but I also incorporate the NASB and Message (MSG) versions to my studies and personal quiet times. Be careful...cultivates inspiration! 

Q:  Can I come to your art studio?
A: Sorry, nope. You might be a vampire and want my blood...or try to steal my coffee supply. 

Q: What’s your favorite food?
A: All of it...ok not all of it, but most of 95.963721% of it...

Q: Any advice for aspiring artists?
A: Talent is free, but style and skill takes dedication and hard work. You won't even taste "success" without hard work and growth..which can be painful. Set goals so you know what you are working towards. Be boring -  what I mean is, don't fill your time with what everyone else does - tell your time what you want to do with it - some nights your friends might want to go out -  but you have to grind on your training and practice - sharpening your skill, craft, and mindset. Embrace hardships and obstacles, sometimes your best creative works come out of it. Be kind - treat people well, make your deadlines - own the ones you don't, and don’t think you are God’s gift to art...He's more creative than that and there’s always going to be somebody better than you...which is a good thing - feel me? Stay hungry, humble, and honest. 

Fight On & Be Hardy!