"Established in 2011, Modern Abolition is an inter-fusion of art, fashion, life, and music - a non-profit lifestyle brand with the mission to art and creativity to Inform, Inspire, and Impact the world - helping remedy depravities in America and around the world - creating awareness, cultivating change, inspiring creativity, and providing financial support to organizations that give help, hope, healing, and health to those in need." 


The 4 Strokes

The story behind the paint.

Art | Apparel | Lifestyle | Music
Each stroke has it's purpose. 

I. Creativity
Creativity is our vehicle to inspire, inform, and leave a positive impact in the world. 


II. Change

Changing the way clothes are made, who makes them, and what they stand for. We help sustain the livelihood of rescued young women through apparel items made in Cambodia by artisans that are survivors of sex trafficking.

$5 from every online item sold goes to financially support the organizations we partner with to aid their efforts and works.

All products collaborated with AIM apparel are made in Cambodia by artisans that are survivors of sex trafficking. 

All products created, fabricated, and/or sold from Modern Abolition are intended to help sustain Modern Abolition’s mission to financially support the organizations we partner with.

III. Charity

We give financial support directly to organizations, aiding their efforts to remedy depravities and end evils around the world. 

**We give both monthly contributions and monies from sales to contribute to our "Give" contribution. 

IV. Community

Transforming culture through living a lifestyle that is economically, environmentally and socially responsible. Modern Abolition is about family, and by establishing family & collaborating with people in the community - we believe we can impact the local community, and through the local community - the world. 

“I'm not here to change the world...I just don’t want to leave it the same.”


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